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By Cassandra Eason

This is often an illustrated huge ebook of occult witchcraft spell comparable details, yet covers an creation to every thing together with crystals and herbs.

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For even if you are working with an experienced group in healing magick and do want to allow power of light or the Goddess to manifest in you directly, it is pretty heady stuff. So go cautiously, work only in the most positive of minds for the good of all, and for trance work have other experienced witches or mediums to guide you and help you to centre. The gods themselves can offer protection when you are performing rituals. In formal magick, the Guardians, or Devic Lords of the Watchtower, are invited to guard the four directions of a magical circle.

Selene rises from the sea in her chariot drawn by white horses at night and rides high in the sky in her full moon. At the time of the full moon, she is invoked by women for fertility and by all who seek the power of intuition and inspiration. Mother Goddesses Mother Goddesses are for fertility, abundance of all kinds, female power and all rituals for women. Astarte Astarte is the supreme female divinity of the Phoenicians, goddess of love and fertility, associated with the Moon and all nature.

In a conventional coven, the High Priestess casts and uncasts the circle, but you may prefer to allow the person leading the ritual to cast the magical boundaries. Casting A Dual Circle You can create a dual circle if you wish. * First consecrate the salt symbolising the Earth element in the North of the altar by stirring it three times with an athame, wand or crystal, and visualise radiance pouring into it. * Stir the water, also three times deosil with the athame, wand or pointed crystal, asking the light and the Goddess to enter it.

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