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By Jean-Luc Nancy

ISBN-10: 2718605979

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Words With a Long History 37 Examples (a small selection) • (1) Words which passed via Latin into other European languages – cheval, chemise, changer, chemin. • (2) Words which occur only in French. This is a larger collection and comprises words relating mainly to: agriculture – boue = mud, talus = slope, glaner = to glean, ruche = beehive; domestic matters – suie = soot, briser = to break, habiller; names of animals – bouc = billy goat, mouton = sheep; names of trees – bouleau = birch, if = yew, sapin = fir.

What (or whom) one person considers beautiful may be quite otherwise in another person’s eyes. Exercise The examples above all involved adjectives. Can you think of any adverbs, nouns or verbs which are similarly gradable? Antonyms 3 – Converse / relational antonyms • A third type of antonymy involves a relationship of converseness or a relational opposition. g. acheter is the converse of vendre and vice versa, recevoir the converse of donner, épouse of époux, oncle / tante of neveu / nièce. Words 29 Exercises What are the converse terms of au-dessus, devant, posséder, contenir, employé, professeur?

Avicellum = bird, augustum = August, caballum = horse, debere = to have to, jocare = to play, locare = to hire, necare = to kill ( = to drown in Modern French), nepotem = nephew, pacare = to pay, placere = to please (a noun in Modern French), probare = to prove, regina = queen, ripa = bank, rota = wheel, ruga = street, sudare = to sweat, videre = to see, viginti = twenty, vita = life. Consonants in final position The fate of final consonants • Final consonants also develop in a number of ways – m marking a noun ending disappears early – compare all the examples above and below.

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