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By V V Ezhela; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.; et al

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324 B:249, 1994; DESY-93-149 A Study of ~“ + D*(201O)+ t– D and BO ~“ Mixing using Partial D*(201O)+ Reconstruction Phys. Lett. 332 B:451, 1994; DESY-94-029 Observation of 77 - ~(1020) p“ and 77 + q$(1020) w Nuc]. Phys. A566:61C, 1994 Single Photon and Neutral Meson Data from WA80 Nuc]. Phys. A566:355C, 1994 Comparison of no and q Spectra from S+AU Collisions at 200 GeV/c Nut]. pilys. A566:519C, 1994 Effective Source Sizes of Low Rapidity Soft Particle Emission Phys. Lett. 326 B:320, 1994; DESY-94-004 Observation of Polarization Effects in At Semileptonic Decay Z.

Lett. 434 B:21, 1998; JINR-E1-98-75 Measurement of the Tensor Analyzing Power AVV in Inclusive Breakup of 9 GeV/c Deuterons on Carbon at Laree Transverse Momenta of Protons Kr. Soob~JINR 88:5, 1998 Tensor and Vector Analyzing Powers AUU and AU h the 12 C(deuteron, p)X and 12 C(deuteron, deuteron)X Reactions at Initial Deuteron Momentum of 9 GeV/c and Emission Angle of 85 mrad Phys. Lett. 445 B:14, 1998; JINR-E1-98-319 Fragmentation of Tensor Polarized Deuterons into Cumulative Pions Phys. Lett.

335 B:526, 1994; DESY-94-069 Reconstruction of the Decay B– + D1 (0)(2414) ZZ. Phys. C64:375, 1994; DESY-94-052 Study of Do and D+ Decays into Final States with Two or Three Kaons Phys. Lett. 341 B:441, 1994; DESY-94-1OO The First Measurement of the Michel Parameter rI in 7 * Decays Pbys. Lett. 340 B:125, 1994; DESY-94-094 Measurement of the Absolute Branching Fractions for D 0 Decays Phys. Lett. 338 B:390, 1994; DESY-94-11O Determination of the Radiative Decay Width of the qc(lS) Meson into K- r+, K– z+ z+ r–, ~“ m+ T– ID/REFERENCE/TITLE 34 INDEX Aleev 96C Albrecht 94N Albrecht 94N Albrecht 940 Albrecht 94P Albrecht 94Q Albrecht 94R Albrecht 94S Albrecht 94U Albrecht 95 Albrecht 95B Albrecht 95C Albrecht 95D Albrecht 95E Albrecht 95F Albrecht 95G Albrecht 95H Albrecht 951 Albrecht 96 Albrecht 96B Albrecht 97 Albrecht 97B Albrecht 98 Albrow Z.

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