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Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory is sort of an enticing position for historians: numerous adjustments of nationality among France and Germany, high-profile scientists having been dependent there, tremendous tasks born or put in in its partitions, and so forth. many of the records circulating at the heritage of the Observatory and on similar concerns have notwithstanding been up to now poorly referenced, if in any respect.

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2. Target population Warnings are given on different scales. Warnings on the national scale are given in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Serbia and Montenegro and Turkey. Warning the whole country makes sense in small countries with homogeneous weather conditions. Belarus and Latvia have relatively flat topography. However, a single warning may not be appropriate for Turkey, which has a heterogeneous climate. The remaining heat warning systems (5 of 15) target the city level. 3. The warning is transmitted to the public between 1 and 3 days in advance by mass media.

Greece, Latvia and Romania use their definition of a heat-wave as the condition for releasing hot weather warnings. 4. Survey of heat health warning systems in Europe In southwestern Germany, warnings are given to health resorts when the forecast perceived temperature exceeds a given threshold (maximum perceived temperature greater than 26 °C). Perceived Temperature is a complex indicator derived from a complete heat budget model. The threshold criteria for the Lisbon heat health warning system is 32 °C.

As cited in Teisberg et al. (in press), older people value reducing mortality less highly but not people with serious illness. For this reason, the authors estimate the value of a statistical life to be about US$ 4 million per life saved by the Philadelphia system (versus about US$ 6 million among people younger than 65 years). Excess mortality among people 65 years of age and older was defined as the reported mortality minus the mortality predicted by a historical trend line developed over the period 1964–1988.

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